Online Interview with ATO's Information Chief Security Officer - Cybersecurity, a Shared Responsibility

PROJECT: Online Interview with ATO’s Information Chief Security Officer – Cybersecurity, a Shared Responsibility. Presented by Terrapinn Events as part of the Accounting & Business Expo 2020.


EVENT: Cybersecurity is a hot topic and no where more than in the business advisory space. As well as the necessity to protect our own data, the financial services sector is liable for the protection of the data of all of their clients. That’s a lot of sensitive, confidential information.

There is a real need for accurate, reliable education in this space. So whom better to chat to, than the ATO – the government agency in charge of more personal and business data than almost any organisation. Alexi Boyd is interviews Jamie Norton, the Assistant Commissioner for Information and Cyber Security in a conversational fireside chat about the risk to small business, the responsibilities of advisors, and how the ATO protect this data.


WATCH HERE:  https://terrapinn.zoom.us/rec/play/_Z2_icvreyikKCi2uGrGBq0I4TVtVAjRPO4D9FILleDVDNStk84QqM8hmozbembulSiBVsmCKbSEHooc.bX49-v9sqOHG4_E1?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=Vs9M6L9FS-S-pEqcDFkuiQ.1599387020020.8889e1657584f26160e33171fe686f24&_x_zm_rhtaid=245


AUDIENCE SIZE: 300+ (online)


September 2, 2020
Commercial / Communications / Online
ATO, Australian Tax Office, Terrapinn, ABE